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WetnWild Speedgloss Energizing Lip Shine

Posted in Product Reviews on May 28th, 2009 by Kristen Jason – Comments Off on WetnWild Speedgloss Energizing Lip Shine

Did you know that you should throw lip gloss out after 9 months? Chances are, you have some tubes in your makeup bag that are way past the point of expiration. We refreshed our own lip gloss supply with WetnWild Speedgloss Energizing Lip Shine. There is no wand to mess around with, or pot to stick your finger in, you just simply squeeze the tube and apply the gloss like lipstick.

The texture is pleasantly smooth, no stickiness. Speedgloss also has a lot of shimmer, so it has intense shine. The ingredients contain Gingko Bilboa, Ginseng, Guarana, Acai, Vitamin E, and peppermint. Antioxidants protect your lips from aging. Our favorite shade was Frenzied, it’s difficult to find a flattering shade of gold gloss and this is it!

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