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December Fragrance Sampling Event Results in 4:1 ROI

Posted in Recent Events, Sampling on February 10th, 2009 by Kristin Bocox – Comments Off on December Fragrance Sampling Event Results in 4:1 ROI

Holiday sales for the retail industry showed flat at best, with an average of a negative 5.5 to 8% overall. However, one bright spot was a fragrance sampling event at JC Penney’s that was executed by CosPro Agency (headquarters Orlando, FL) nationwide.

The event was held in 400 of the number three department store chain’s locations the two weekends before Christmas. Each store had a professional demonstrator hired and trained by the CosPro Agency there to help shoppers choose fragrance Christmas gifts while sampling the newest and hottest scents. Each four hour event averaged sales of over 17 pieces of product and the two weekend’s sales totaled over $250,000 in register rings. This resulted in an almost 4:1 immediate return on the manufacturer’s investment in this event. Over 55,000 customers received a sample or were sprayed which will result in more sales the following weeks. Typically a retailer can expect as much as a 10% lift in sales the weeks after such an event.

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2008 Holiday Sales Are the Weakest on Record

Posted in Industry Trends on January 16th, 2009 by admin – Comments Off on 2008 Holiday Sales Are the Weakest on Record
Maybe Christmas stockings were filled with aspirin this year: drug stores reported a 3.4% comp store sales gain in December, even as the industry posted a 1.7% comp store decline, says the International Council of Shopping Centers Chain Store Sales Index. Excluding Wal-Mart’s slight 1.7% gain, the overall index posted a 4.3% comp decline.