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The Truth About Sampling to Minorities

Posted in Top 5 Tips on January 16th, 2009 by admin – Comments Off on The Truth About Sampling to Minorities

Targeting ethnic markets can be very profitable. According to the Census Bureau, over the next 20 years the number of African-Americans will increase 25%, Asian-Americans 68%, and Hispanic-Americans 64% while the mainstream market will increase by only 13%. But the same marketing tactics that you’ve always used might not be the optimal way to promote sales to minorities. Here are 5 truths about marketing to minorities that will ensure a higher return on your investment.

Myth 1: Direct mail and captured credit card data are the most effective way to reach ethnic customers.
Truth: It’s better to make a connection at the establishments ethnic customers frequent. Don’t make the common mistake of marketing on the basis of an offensive stereotype. Research first, then make an authentic message.

Myth 2: We made our product visible to our target market, we’re done!
Truth: Don’t stop halfway. Personalize your efforts by using representatives from the target ethnic group for your campaign. And make sure you have a message for each ethnic market you are trying to appeal to.

Myth 3: Giving away my product for free is profit-limiting.
Truth: Samples can increase retail sales by up to 40% and create a buzz about your product – but it is important to do your sampling in the right places and get that sample in the hands of the right customer.

Myth 4: Our ethnic customers can receive our samples through our existing programs.
Truth: Only 5% of African-American and Hispanic consumers receive samples through mainstream traditional programs. Try something different, such as an ethnic festival or event.

Myth 5: It is too difficult for a company to do different campaigns for each type of ethnic market.
Truth: CosPro Agency can help! We have a variety of ethnic marketing programs that reach your target demographic WHERE they are. For example, our Hispanic Sampling program sends our Hispanic models to events where Hispanic people are – local festivals and conventions. We handle everything from conception to execution and your company reaps the benefits.