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Beauty Shopper Survey

Posted in Survey Results on May 11th, 2009 by Kristen Jason – Comments Off on Beauty Shopper Survey

Shopping at Drug Stores for Beauty Products Increases

Orlando, FL –┬áCosmetic Promotions, Inc – a marketing company specializing in promotions for the Mass Beauty industry, just released the results of a survey conducted with over 1500 women on their beauty shopping habits.

Almost half (48%) of the respondents said that when shopping for cosmetics, PRICE was the most important factor to them. That was followed by SELECTION (33%), BEING ABLE TO TRY IT (13%) and SERVICE was in last place at 6%. When asked where they shopped for cosmetics 69% said DRUG STORE, only 16% said DEPARTMENT STORE, followed with 11% OTHER and only 4% replied FOOD store.

Compared to the same survey conducted in 2008, SHOPPING BY PRICE increased by 17% and SHOPPING AT DRUG STORES increased by almost 5% — a trend that is expected to rise due to the economy.