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Blog Aquafresh Whitening Trays

Posted in Product Reviews on February 11th, 2009 by Kristen Jason – Comments Off on Blog Aquafresh Whitening Trays

Coffee, tea, red wine, and soda. These are the things that we are supposed to avoid to keep our pearly whites from yellowing. Unfortunately, most of us don’t, making tooth whitening tooth one of the most popular dental procedures in the U.S. For those who aren’t ready to spend hundreds at the dentist for whiter teeth, there is a bunch of home whitening kits around.

We’ve tried plenty of home whitening systems that caused tooth sensitivity to heat and cold. So we were excited to try out Aqua Fresh White Trays Pro-Gentle System. You whiten for 30-45 minutes just once daily for up to 7 days using dental trays. If you are like us and like minimal effort, you’ll be happy to know that the trays come pre-filled with a hydrogen peroxide gel. Even better, the gel has a minty taste. Aqua Fresh was realistic in this sense: they realize that people inadvertently get a taste of the whitening gel even though you’re not supposed to.

The Results? After just 3 days we had a brighter smile and no tooth sensitivity! You get more than enough Aquafresh Sensitive toothpaste, about 3 weeks worth (which is great for people who have sensitive teeth to begin with). Our tip is to not talk on the phone with this product; you won’t sound particularly alluring and it feels strange. We are back to our coffee, tea, red wine, and soda but take comfort in that we can whiten again without sacrificing cold ice cream and hot tea.

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