1493 Bartell Event

Cosmetic Promotion 2 011.JPGCosmetic Promotion 2 012.JPGCosmetics Promotion 002.JPGCosmetics Promotion 003.JPGCosmetics Promotion 007.JPGCosmetics Promotion 008.JPGCosmetics Promotion 009.JPGCosmetics Promotion 010.JPGCosmetics Promotion 012.JPGX-Mktng3_12 461.JPGX-Mktng3_12 468.JPGX-Mktng3_12 469.JPGX-Mktng3_12 471.JPGX-Mktng3_12 472.JPGX-Mktng3_12 476.JPGX-Mktng3_12 477.JPGX-Mktng3_12 480.JPGX-Mktng3_12 481.JPGcosmetics 3 008.JPGcosmetics 3 009.JPG


After mini make over.jpgBefore mini make over.jpgHappy  demo.jpgHappy Costumer.jpgHappy Mini Makeover.jpgHappy Purchase made.jpgJoyful Costumers and I.jpgMini make over begins.jpgMini make over in process.jpgSuper Happy Costumer.jpgWA-Demo Rep..jpglet the mini make over begin.jpgmake over in process.jpgmini make over begin.jpgmini make over success.jpgresult of mini make over.jpg

Ohlney, Tereza 4-1 Seattle, 1.jpgOhlney, Tereza 4-1 Seattle, 4.jpgOhlney, Tereza 4-1 Seattle, 7.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store #25 Photo 10.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store #25 Photo 11.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store #25 Photo 9.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store #25.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store 40 Photo 1.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store 40 Photo 2.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store 40 Photo 3.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store 40 Photo 6.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store 40 Photo 7.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store 40 Photo 8.jpgOhlney, Tereza Store 40 Photo 9.jpg