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From Deodorant to Lipstick, Demonstrations Create Sales!

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Recently we conducted a shared “Its New” sampling event at 200 Walgreens stores across the country. Four brands participated in the event: Mennen Speed Stick, Colgate Wisp, Revlon, and Almay. The event resulted in 3,400 immediate sales and almost 20,000 coupons were distributed that will result in future sales. The demonstrators were also able to train 255 Beauty Advisors on all of the participating products.

Customers were thrilled to receive travel size samples of the Mennen Speedstick Deodorant and Colgate Wisp – over 15,000 samples were distributed during the event which took place over four consecutive Saturdays. The demonstrators were professional makeup artists and they performed “color-matching” demonstrations for Almay’s new Smart Shade Foundation and “lip makeovers” featuring Just Bitten Lipstain by Revlon. Both brands were a huge hit.

A survey conducted during the event indicated that over half the consumers had never tried any of the products before, but 95% said they would purchase the brands now that they had the chance to try them. 41% of those people made their purchase during the event as a result of the money saving coupons that they received.  Consumers also were excited to sign up to win a Beauty Basket – one winner per store – that contained full size products of those items being demonstrated.

As budgets get cut, manufacturers are looking for more economical ways to promote their brands. By sharing the event, it cut their cost by 50-75% and makes the event even more exciting for the consumer because there is more for them to try. We currently execute shared events at Rite Aid, Walgreens and just recently added CVS. Contact us to set up your shared event today!

CoverGirl Demonstration at Walgreens

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Cover Girl Lash Blast Length was the product demonstrated at the eventSouth Florida Walgreens (March 6, 2010) – CosPro Agency recently held another successful demonstration at Walgreens locations across southern Florida. The event promoted and demonstrated the new CoverGirl Lash Blast Length mascara in order to amplify product sales and create product awareness.

The product was incredibly well received by consumers. Fourteen stores sold 152 pieces averaging eleven pieces sold, per store, in only four hours! The closure rate was very high; for every three makeovers done, two of those made purchases. Over sixty percent of customers made purchases that day and thirty percent said they will definitely be purchasing Lash Blast Length in the near future. In addition, twenty percent of the customers didn’t know the product beforehand so it was a great event for product awareness. With the chance to try a new product before buying, an enticing gift-with-purchase and knowledgeable demonstrators to help customers make educated decisions – this event was a hit!

Additionally, at least one beauty advisor per store was trained on the product and will be able to assist customers for future sales. And almost all (99%!) of the customers agreed that they enjoyed the event and would love to see more product demonstrations and sampling.

For additional information on samplings and demos please email Kristin Bocox at or call (877) 326-7776 ext 501.

Beauty Shopper Survey

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Shopping at Drug Stores for Beauty Products Increases

Orlando, FL – Cosmetic Promotions, Inc – a marketing company specializing in promotions for the Mass Beauty industry, just released the results of a survey conducted with over 1500 women on their beauty shopping habits.

Almost half (48%) of the respondents said that when shopping for cosmetics, PRICE was the most important factor to them. That was followed by SELECTION (33%), BEING ABLE TO TRY IT (13%) and SERVICE was in last place at 6%. When asked where they shopped for cosmetics 69% said DRUG STORE, only 16% said DEPARTMENT STORE, followed with 11% OTHER and only 4% replied FOOD store.

Compared to the same survey conducted in 2008, SHOPPING BY PRICE increased by 17% and SHOPPING AT DRUG STORES increased by almost 5% — a trend that is expected to rise due to the economy.