Take Advantage of the Second Biggest Spending Event of the Year!

With summertime just around the corner, it is time to start thinking of sun, sand and…
your Back-to-School sales, of course!

In 2011, it was estimated that consumers would spend an excess of $68 Billion on Back-to-School products. The National Retail Federation reports that this is the next highest spurt in spending following the holiday season.

Take advantage of this high-traffic shopping period with some ideas designed to catch consumers attention and add excitement to your event:

  • Coupons – With consumers focused on value and substantial savings on products, Back-to-School season is a great time to offer a coupon with your product demo to encourage purchase.
  • Gift-with-Purchase – Let CosPro Agency create Back-to-School GWP items such as printed pencils, erasers, pens, sharpeners, etc. for a little extra credit with the consumers.
  • Printed materials – supplemental in-store signage such as posters, counter cards, shelf danglers, flyers, brochures and more can give your event a surround sound feeling and add excitement!
  • Displays – Catch the eye of everyone walking by with a custom display designed to give extra polish to your event.
  • Gift Basket Raffle – Bring the customers over to your demonstration table with a gift basket display filled with your product and/or school supplies that they can enter to win!

CosPro Print OptionsWith so many ways to make your event more exciting – and we haven’t even mentioned balloons or printed T-shirts or buttons! – you can be sure your event will grab the attention of busy shoppers.

As one of the peak shopping seasons of the year, Back-to-School events book early and fill up fast. Don’t be late to school, let CosPro Agency help you plan an A+ event!  Contact CosPro Agency today to get ahead of the class, email Kristin@cosmeticpromotions.com to schedule your next event.

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