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Take Advantage of the Second Biggest Spending Event of the Year!

Posted in Marketing on May 9th, 2012 by Andrea – Comments Off on Take Advantage of the Second Biggest Spending Event of the Year!

With summertime just around the corner, it is time to start thinking of sun, sand and…
your Back-to-School sales, of course!

In 2011, it was estimated that consumers would spend an excess of $68 Billion on Back-to-School products. The National Retail Federation reports that this is the next highest spurt in spending following the holiday season.

Take advantage of this high-traffic shopping period with some ideas designed to catch consumers attention and add excitement to your event:

  • Coupons – With consumers focused on value and substantial savings on products, Back-to-School season is a great time to offer a coupon with your product demo to encourage purchase.
  • Gift-with-Purchase – Let CosPro Agency create Back-to-School GWP items such as printed pencils, erasers, pens, sharpeners, etc. for a little extra credit with the consumers.
  • Printed materials – supplemental in-store signage such as posters, counter cards, shelf danglers, flyers, brochures and more can give your event a surround sound feeling and add excitement!
  • Displays – Catch the eye of everyone walking by with a custom display designed to give extra polish to your event.
  • Gift Basket Raffle – Bring the customers over to your demonstration table with a gift basket display filled with your product and/or school supplies that they can enter to win!

CosPro Print OptionsWith so many ways to make your event more exciting – and we haven’t even mentioned balloons or printed T-shirts or buttons! – you can be sure your event will grab the attention of busy shoppers.

As one of the peak shopping seasons of the year, Back-to-School events book early and fill up fast. Don’t be late to school, let CosPro Agency help you plan an A+ event!  Contact CosPro Agency today to get ahead of the class, email to schedule your next event.