Mother’s Day is Big Business

sears fragrance eventMother’s Day is right around the corner and now is the time to plan for your in-store promotions to drive sales. Did you know 83% of consumers celebrate Mother’s Day with an average spending of $140 on gifts?

Last Mother’s Day, CosPro Agency executed a fragrance event at a major department store with huge success! The event took place in 50 stores and included several different fragrances by a well-known national brand as well as product demonstrations with some new and exciting nail products. Our demonstrators sold a total of 674 pieces of product, an average of 13.5 pieces per store in JUST 4 HOURS! Demonstrators were able to promote the fragrances for Mother’s Day to shoppers looking for unique gift ideas, while the moms shopping loved having a nail makeover with fun new styles. To encourage customers to visit the table, there was a Gift-with-Purchase offer during the event.

Additional results were as follows:
• Over 1,200 coupons handed out resulting in future sales.
• One of every three people approached ended up making a purchase.
• The demonstrators trained a total of 75 associates on the products, creating an educated sales force to continue selling the products long after the event was over.

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day is the second biggest spending holiday after the winter holiday. Don’t be left behind – let CosPro Agency help you to create a custom event to take advantage of this high traffic volume filled with customers looking for experts to advise them on what to buy. CosPro Agency can make your event special with custom additions such as sentimental signage, high value coupons, tip flyers, a gift-with-purchase option or even gift wrapping for those guys out there that need a little extra help. Stand out from the crowd and sign up early to reserve your date. Contact Kristin Bocox at 877 3COSPRO to schedule your promotion or email her at

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