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5 Ways to Launch Your New Product Successfully

Posted in Marketing on December 9th, 2011 by Andrea – Comments Off on 5 Ways to Launch Your New Product Successfully

Did you know that each year there are about 250,000 new products launched AND the typical failure rate ranges between 85% to 95%? In the beauty industry many of these launches occur in March & April, which is right around the corner. Here are 5 steps to launching your new products successfully:

1.     Understand your market
American families on average buy the same 150 items repeatedly, which comprise 85% of their household needs. It is therefore a bit difficult to get something new to become part of the routine and very important to market your product to the correct consumers. The quickest way to gain a new customer is through TRIAL. According to the recent Arbirton Product Sampling Study, more than 25% of consumers who have never heard of a product buy it right after sampling it and almost half of consumers plan to buy it in the future. CosPro Agency is an expert at targeting specific demographics. Contact us about our teen, males, college, senior, Hispanic and African American sampling programs.

2.     Let potential customers try your product
In-store demo events allow customers to try your products prior to purchase, giving them confidence in their purchase and removing the worry of buyer’s remorse. Since 89% of first time purchases are the result of trial or sample, it is important not to skip this step in your launch plans. At CosPro Agency, we are experts at product demonstration, fragrance sampling and complete beauty makeovers – we are the only agency with over 1,500 professional makeup artists. In addition, CosPro Agency can add many of the extras that make your events more exciting – such as custom coupons to further encourage purchase, educational brochures for more complicated products or even a gift-with-purchase as an added incentive to buy today.

3.     Create a surround sound event
A true launch will interact with the customer on many different levels. A product launch should include multiple media outlets such as print ads, online marketing, email blasts, sweepstakes, flyers, signage and more added to your in-store promotions. CosPro Agency is a one stop shop for all of your custom chain marketing needs. Some of the added extras we offer include in-store signage, sales contests, store employee training, bag stuffers or even a national consumer sweepstakes with a custom web page component to create a surround sound event. With full online and in-store support, your launch will be on the road to success. Check out a couple of our on-line campaigns: L’Oreal Sweeps, Hot Days Cool Cash.

4.     Train your sales force
Remember the importance of the people selling your product. If they don’t believe in your product, then they aren’t going to be committed to selling it. You certainly don’t want customers to know more than the salespeople about the product. During your in-store promotion, CosPro Agency demonstrators train the store employees on your products on the day of the event. They also hand out product training guides for the stores to keep, so the off duty employees are able to review later as well. The one-on-one training and product training guides are just one more helpful extra that CosPro Agency provides to create a sales force around your launch that can continue to sell, sell, SELL once our demonstrators have left.

5.     Utilize social media
Today we have SO many social media outlets and it is important that you don’t underestimate the value of these. CosPro Agency posts to Twitter and utilizes such sites as,,  and to promote your event to drive customers to the stores to try your new products. It is just as important to drive traffic to the store for your event as it is to reach the customers that come in, so that your launch event reaches as many consumers as possible.

At CosPro Agency, we love to brainstorm and create new and interesting ways to execute events and create excitement around product launches. Call us today to discuss your new item and get a custom quote for your launch! Contact Kristin Bocox at 877 3COSPRO or email at