How you can get holiday shoppers to spend MORE this year

The holiday shopping season is already about to begin. PriceGrabber® released the results of its first winter holiday shopping survey, which reveals that 45% of consumers intend to spend less money during the 2011 winter holiday shopping season than they did in 2010. 49% will spend the same amount, and only 7% will actually spend more this year. With forecasts like these, it’s up to the retailers to make their holiday sales surge with important efforts such as in-store demos and promotions, strategic pricing, and marketing.

Some are not spending more due to higher living expenses driving your customers to find better holiday bargains. According to PriceGrabber’s survey, 68% of shoppers say the overall economic climate will affect their overall spending. This is an opportunity to show your customers that your store or brand offers great deals. In store demos are a great to promote the impulse buy around the holidays whether a fragrance gift set or cosmetic/nail set for a stocking stuffer.

27% of the customers who planned on spending more this year said that it would be because of better prices on gifts. Getting your product in front of the customers is certainly one way to get them to purchase yours. Other reasons included more confidence in the economy, being tired of frugality, and increased credit. Shoppers are also confident that they will be able to find a great bargain – 70% said that they expect retailers will offer better discounts this year due to the economy. 75% listed price cuts and free shipping, followed by coupons and blowout sales as the most enticing to get them to products this holiday season. Did you know that Cosmetic Promotions can create coupons for your event to help with sales?

We can also help promote your in-store demos and events on Facebook and Four-Square by encouraging people to check in. For instance, if your customer checks in your store during a sampling event, then they could receive an online coupon good toward their next purchase or one that they could share with their network of friends.

The good news is that 53% of holiday shoppers will start earlier this year to spread out the impact of purchases and 33% are beginning their holiday shopping in October. This means you can start reaping the benefits of your marketing efforts early. Demonstration and sampling promotions will enhance your results as in-store demos usually produce one week’s worth of sales in only 4 hours. By using the CosPro Agency for your in-store events, you’ll benefit from over 20 years of experience and unsurpassed quality of service.

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