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5 Things you Should Know About Hispanic Marketing

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September 15th begins Hispanic Heritage month and Cosmetic Promotions wants to share some of our successful marketing tips for gaining Hispanic clients.

  1. Hispanics are very loyal: 61% of those surveyed, said once they find a brand they like, they don’t switch. Sampling is one of the best ways for them to gain confidence in your brand and become YOUR loyal customer. Remember 89% of all first purchases are because of TRIAL – not price or coupon.
  2. Hispanic Families shop together and typically on weekends. Consider doing in-store events during weekends in mid-September to mid-October in top Hispanic stores. Cosmetic Promotions can arrange these events in most chains.
  3. Hispanic Families spend more time together in activities than other ethnic groups. Consider sampling at Hispanic festivals, parades and community events. Cosmetic Promotions can handle this type of sampling for you. For example, on June 26th we participated for the 6th consecutive year in the San Juan Bautista post-parade concert in Camden, NJ. It is considered the largest summer event in the region with over 30,000 attendees and we distributed 2,000 sample bags to female attendees. Call us and we can come up with a Hispanic Heritage month community sampling plan.
  4. Hispanic are less price conscious, but they do use coupons on the brands they ALREADY love: 63% are more likely to use a coupon if it is bilingual. Cosmetic Promotions can do all types of printing and translate from English to Spanish on coupons, easel cards, etc.
  5. Hispanics utilize Hispanic media: 82% polled view Spanish TV, 75% listen to Spanish radio and 42% read Spanish papers or magazines. Reassign your budget dollars so that you are placing ads in these vehicles during the September-October time period. Cosmetic Promotions can help you design and place your ads in these publications.

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Reaching Out to Hispanic Consumers

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Our annual Hispanic sampling program is a way of promoting Rite Aid’s health and beauty products at 10 community events in Hispanic markets. 2,000 bags are distributed at each event to women in attendance. The bags contain a variety of samples and coupons from Smooth ‘N Shine, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, Halle Berry Fragrance, Benefiber, Kiss Nails, Fantasia Hair Polisher, Lactaid, L’Oreal, S by Shakira Fragrance, Bio Oil and select bags contain a special $100 gift card to Rite Aid for the recipient.

On June 24th, we did exit sampling after the MANÁ Concert in Los Angeles, CA. The world’s biggest Latin rock band brought thousands of fans to downtown LA as they opened the first of a record-setting 4 sold-out nights at the Staples Center. For almost three decades MANÁ has been one of the most popular Mexican pop/rock groups. Winning 4 Grammy’s and 5 Latin Grammy’s to date; the concept behind MANÁ has been a world-music mix of Latin and pop rock. After a long hiatus, MANÁ returned to the stage with an innovative show where they performed songs from their new album “Drama y Luz”, which reached #1 on the Latin Billboards. We had a table setup right outside of the Staples Center with a Rite Aid banner hung in front to attract the crowd as they were leaving the concert. The attendees were pleasantly surprised to see Rite Aid on site. There was a rush of people and they couldn’t wait to open up their bags to see what was inside. We handed out all 2,000 sample bags in less than an hour.

On June 26th, we participated for our 6th consecutive year in the San Juan Bautista post-parade concert in Camden, NJ. It is considered the largest summer event in the region with over 30,000 attendees. The parade is a well-known, family-oriented, cultural and educational event, which always takes place on the last Sunday in the month of June. It displayed a mixture of Latin rhythms and dances from around the region, marching bands and decorated floats that lead into Wiggins Waterfront Park for a grand slam summer concert with the partnership of the largest radio station in Philadelphia. The concert offered a fun-filled day of Latin sounds, exhibits as well as the flavors and aromas of ethnic cuisine. As parade-goers entered the park they were greeted by our team at the Rite Aid booth distributing the sample bags. Our team was able to educate thousands of attendees on the Rite Aid Beauty Guarantee and answered lots of questions about how the guarantee works. Many ladies were not familiar with it and said they would definitely be shopping at Rite Aid soon for their beauty needs. The event was a huge success and before night fall all 2,000 bags had been distributed.

The next event we are scheduled to be at is on July 31st during the Junta Hispana festival at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in New York. Junta Hispana is a unique Hispanic Heritage event celebrating all 20 Spanish- speaking countries. Working with the consulates, tourism and cultural offices, the beauty, culture, heritage, music, dance, food, arts and uniqueness of each country are brought to one event. The stage features performances for the entire family to enjoy. They have a food court with a variety of cuisine from the different Hispanic countries. Rite Aid will have a Pharmacy onsite where visitors can learn about medications and health issues along with receiving free health screening. The sample bags will be distributed to the ladies as they visit the Rite Aid booth. Rain or shine the lines form early at each of the different plazas and continue all day. No matter where you are inside of the venue there is something to do or learn about the different countries represented.