WetnWild BeautyBenefits Mint Infusions Lip Tint

When you pack for your summer vacation, you should bring sunblock for your skin AND your lips. WetnWild BeautyBenefits Mint Infusions Lip Tint has an SPF of 15, and antioxidants to protect your lips. A welcome bonus was its peppermint oil ingredient, which freshens breath and gives a cooling sensation. The colors may seem dark in the packaging, but this gloss is really a tinted balm with extreme shine. If you like more color, try a dab on top of your lipstick.

This article was written by Kristen Jason at Cosmetic Promotions. For more information on Cosmetic Promotions, please check out their website www.cosproagency.com or contact Kristen direct at kcopeland@cosmeticpromotions.com.

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