WetnWild BeautyBenefits Deluxe Concealer Brush

WetnWild BeautyBenefits has come out with a line of affordable, high quality make up brushes. We tried their deluxe concealer brush and loved the whisper soft bristles. It’s dual-ended, one side is for the concealer, the other for the setting powder (this brush is designed for their Color CorRx Concealer Kit). We found the side for the setting powder is also the perfect eyeshadow brush. The brush is also anti-microbial, which is a must for the eye area. Remember that even if a makeup brush is bacteria resistant, it’s still important to clean it on a regular basis. Even better: the brush is made of synthetic hair so no animals were harmed.

This article was written by Kristen Jason at Cosmetic Promotions. For more information on Cosmetic Promotions, please check out their website www.cosproagency.com or contact Kristen direct at kcopeland@cosmeticpromotions.com.

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