Kiss Custom Fit Nail Kit

Getting your nails done at a salon is not only expensive; it’s time consuming. Getting acrylics is truly a commitment. In order to keep acrylic nails, you have to make a visit every 2 weeks. And a noticeable gap emerges between the cuticle and the acrylic nail in one week. In addition, if you decide to take the nails off, it takes valuable time soaking your fingers in acetone to get them completely off. Your nails have to be buffed down to put on acrylics, so you’re left with dry, brittle nails.

If you like the look of acrylics but don’t have the time or money to get your nails done at the salon, you would really like the Kiss Custom Nail Kit. When you think of press on nails you might have visions of fake nails popping off at every opportunity, but this product has really improved on that. A number one reason that press on nails come off is that they’re not quite the right shape. So you’re gluing a piece of plastic to your fingernail that’s doesn’t quite fit. The Kiss nail kit has 36 nails and 20 sizes. So if your nails are flat, tiny, or large, you are bound to find the perfect fit.

What we liked the most about this product was how easy it was to use.  In about 10 minutes we had salon worthy nails.  We are canceling our nail appointments and keeping boxes of these on hand.

This article was written by Kristen Jason at Cosmetic Promotions. For more information on Cosmetic Promotions, please check out their website or contact Kristen direct at

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