WetnWild BeautyBenefits Sheer Satin Lip Sheen

Hate the feel of lipstick but don’t like gloss? The WetnWild beautybenefits line has Sheer Satin Lip Sheen. This product is about treatment. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, and a SPF of 15. So it’s moisturizing and protects your lips from sun damage and aging.

Sheer Satin Lip Sheen is very lightweight and goes on sheer. We were surprised when we used the sheerly natural shade. It looks like it will will go on as a very hot pink, but it’s actually very subtle. Some of you natural girls might even prefer this over your chapstick, it actually feels lighter! And as always, WetnWild does not test its products on animals.

This article was written by Kristen Jason at Cosmetic Promotions. For more information on Cosmetic Promotions, please check out their website www.cosproagency.com or contact Kristen direct at kcopeland@cosmeticpromotions.com.

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