CoverGirl Point Plus Eyeliner

Eyeliners have long filled our makeup bags, but the CoverGirl Point Plus Eyeliner caught our attention.  It’s self-sharpening AND it’s supposed to glide on easily.  Many self sharpening eyeliners hardly glide; they more so drag on your eyelid. And then there are the self sharpening eyeliners that are too soft, so it breaks when you sharpen it.  We gave the CoverGirl eyeliner a try and we were impressed.  No snagged eyelids and no running eyeliner.  The eyeliner lasts and it’s unique design allows you to make perfect lines.  Our favorite was the grey khaki shade; it’s flattering on most eye colors but is a must have if you have hazel eyes.

The Bonus: There’s a smudge tip at the other side of the eyeliner for a natural, softer look.

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